Casino Bonuses


Casino bonuses have become standard practise with casinos who operate and offer betting services online. It is a way to attract potential customers into becoming depositing players. As a result it gives those potential customers an ability to take a deposit and instantly turn it into something larger. For those who have budgets that may be restricted or simply limit the amount they are willing to invest into gaming activities, it is a great way to get the best bang for your dollar.

There are a great deal of casinos that will include a bonus with a first deposit. This is referred to as a welcome bonus generally, and will often double the initial amount you elect to deposit. A great number of people will make smaller deposits, which is a good thing in some aspects but as a welcome bonus only applies to the first deposit it is wise to consider depositing a larger sum in order to get the most out of this bonus as possible, of course this is dependent on the funds you have available to you and we do not recommended you deposit more than you can afford.

While the welcome bonus is most common, as you begin to play more often, you will open up a number of other bonuses which are designed as incentives for you to deposit with a casino you already are playing with. These are called match bonus or loyalty bonuses. A match bonus will simply put, give you an equal sum as a bonus to which you decide to deposit. They often have maximum limits on the amount that can be received but definitely hold value. Loyalty bonuses are usually only given once per month. They will be based on the amount you have played in the previous month and will apply to your next deposit.

You will, from time to time, be able to pick up special bonuses such as anniversary bonuses or VIP bonuses. VIP bonuses tend to range in value based on the status of VIP you obtained with the casino. The higher level you are then the larger the bonus offer you shall receive. Anniversary bonuses will occur once you have been playing with a casino for a year or longer. Not all casino offer these but they do exist. Some others that are noteworthy are free spin bonuses and random comps. These will come often along with a standard offer, meaning deposit a certain amount, receive a bonus plus free spins. The random comps are given as a way of loyalty by the casino. They will provide these often on important dates like a birthday or Christmas for example.

A bonus is one of the advantageous that come with gambling online. It is a safe bet to say that they will always be offered. This is a good side of competition, so long as there are other casinos to compete against, bonuses will be offered in an attempt to set one casino apart from the other. While one can go from casino to casino collecting bonuses it is actually not the wisest of things to do long term as loyalty has a lot of benefits when it comes to bonuses.